Content Team | Embracing the Future: AI, Automation, and Growth Strategies in Small Businesses with Shawn Herring

Embracing the Future: AI, Automation, and Growth Strategies in Small Businesses with Shawn Herring

Shawn Herring, the Chief Marketing Officer at airSlate, joins me in an insightful conversation exploring the nuances of AI and automation in small businesses. With his extensive experience in scaling marketing teams from startups to major enterprises, Shawn brings a unique perspective on how these technologies are not just tools for the future but actively shaping the present landscape of business operations.

Our discussion starts by looking at airSlate’s recent report, which provides a startling insight: an overwhelming 94% of small businesses feel confident about embracing AI and automation. This statistic opens the door to a broader conversation about why small businesses, often perceived as cautious or conservative in their approach to new technologies, are leading the charge in this arena.

Shawn shares his thoughts on how AI and automation can be seen from two angles – as friends or foes. For many small businesses, these technologies have emerged as allies in their journey toward growth and efficiency. The conversation then shifts to understanding why small businesses are uniquely positioned to leverage these technologies. According to Shawn, their direct engagement with pain points and challenges makes small businesses more agile and open to transformative solutions.

Our talk further delves into practical strategies for adopting AI and automation. Shawn emphasizes starting with small, manageable steps, focusing on specific processes that hinder revenue generation, particularly in the back office. This approach is not about overhauling systems overnight but identifying areas where automation can immediately impact and scaling up from there.

Looking ahead, Shawn discusses the evolving landscape of AI and automation. He views these technologies as moving from being novel concepts to essential business tools. He shares his predictions on how implementing these technologies will redefine work and set leaders apart in the small business sector.


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