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Embracing AI in Creativity

In this episode of the Tech Talks Daily Podcast, I sit down with Roshmond “Sum” Patten, the innovative Creative Director at GLOW, to delve into a topic that is becoming increasingly crucial in the creative industry: the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and creativity. Sum, a specialist in AI with a rich background in music, copywriting, and creative direction, brings a unique perspective to this discussion.

Sum’s journey is as diverse as it is impressive. He has worked with tech giants like Microsoft, Fox, and Disney in research and community management, and his expertise extends to music streaming, where he trained music discovery algorithms for some of today’s biggest platforms. His creative flair is not just confined to technology; he’s also a celebrated musician and a two-time Independent Music Award nominee, featuring his work in major TV shows and video games.

Sum emphasized the critical need for creatives to discuss AI in our conversation. AI continues to play a pivotal role in our industry, and there’s a growing concern among creatives about embracing this technology. Many fear it might render their roles obsolete or drastically alter their work. Sum addresses these concerns, advocating for a safe space where creatives can openly discuss the challenges and opportunities AI presents.

Sum’s passion for this subject is evident as he talks about the necessity for leadership to involve creatives in conversations about AI. He believes that doing so ensures that their voices are heard, and their roles are preserved and adapted in a way that benefits from AI advancements rather than being overshadowed by them.

Beyond his professional accolades, Sum is also an activist, serving as Creative Director in Residence for the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition since 2020. His work in this area has helped to raise awareness about the expanding police surveillance state and the potential harms of artificial intelligence in predictive policing. This work earned a nomination for a Mozilla Foundation Creative Leadership Award in 2021.

Sum’s insights are not just limited to his professional experiences. As the Founding Principal and Creative Director at The Kizmet Experience Studio, he brings an interdisciplinary approach to creative direction, blending his extensive knowledge of AI with his creative expertise to forge new paths in the industry.

Join us in this compelling episode as Sum Patten shares his invaluable insights on the role of AI in creativity, the importance of inclusive discussions in the tech industry, and the future of AI in shaping creative roles. This conversation is a must-listen for anyone interested in the evolving landscape of technology and creativity, offering a nuanced understanding of how AI can be a 

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