Content Team | Elevating Tradespeople: How Jobber is Empowering the Deskless Workforce

Elevating Tradespeople: How Jobber is Empowering the Deskless Workforce

How do you build a thriving tech company that supports tradespeople while revolutionizing an industry rooted in tradition? In this episode of Tech Talks Daily, I sit down with Sam Pillar, the co-founder and CEO of Jobber, to uncover the remarkable journey of transforming how small home service businesses operate.

Sam shares his inspirational story of meeting his co-founder, Forest, in a coffee shop and how their shared vision led to the creation of a powerful platform that makes everyday tasks easier for home service providers like HVAC technicians, painters, and landscapers. Jobber helps these tradespeople move from pen-and-paper inefficiency to streamlined, profitable operations, allowing them to focus on their craft and create “blue-collar millionaires.”

We discuss the challenges of convincing small businesses to trust cloud software, the critical importance of consistency, and the unique opportunities that exist in traditional industries ripe for disruption. Sam also reveals how emerging AI technologies will further streamline back-office processes and enhance customer service.

As you listen, consider the untapped potential within your industry or community. How can technology improve lives and foster business growth in ways that have yet to be explored? Please share your thoughts with us after the episode!

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