Content Team | Dr. Zero Trust on the Toxic Talent Dilemma: Leading, Not Bleeding

Dr. Zero Trust on the Toxic Talent Dilemma: Leading, Not Bleeding

What makes a leader fail? Dr. Chase Cunningham, affectionately known in the cybersecurity realm as “Dr. Zero Trust,” offers an unfiltered look at the pitfalls of leadership through his latest book, “How NOT to Lead.”

In this episode, we’ll explore Dr. Cunningham’s transformation from a cybersecurity expert to a thought leader on what makes or breaks leaders today. He brings a fresh perspective with his vivid metaphors like “dumpster chickens” and “mushroom farming” to vividly describe the leadership failures he’s witnessed firsthand. Dr. Cunningham emphasizes the necessity of the three critical ‘currencies’ of leadership—time, trust, and respect—and the peril of missing any one of these in a leadership role.

Join us as he shares lessons from consulting at companies that led to these insights, and hear his candid advice on handling ‘brilliant jerks,’ drawing from the drastic measures taken by leaders like Steve Jobs to refocus and save an entire company. If you’re looking to avoid common leadership traps and inspire genuine respect and productivity in your team, this conversation is a must-listen.

What are the biggest leadership challenges you’ve faced, and how have you tackled them? Join the discussion online and share your experiences!



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