Content Team | Is the Future of Authenticity AI-Driven Digital Twins? Is the Future of Authenticity AI-Driven Digital Twins?

In this episode, Neil delves into the intricate world of digital identities with Thibault Launay, a serial entrepreneur and the innovative mind behind An evolution from Thibault’s earlier venture, Exclusible, reimagines the concept of a digital twin by incorporating generative AI technology. Far from being just another avatar, the ‘Doppl’ becomes an interactive, highly precise digital version of oneself, evolving in real time based on the individual’s data.

Thibault shares the origin story of, giving listeners an intimate look at his entrepreneurial journey that began at the young age of 22. Not just a solo venture, he elaborates on how he has recruited an exceptional team from varied backgrounds, including veterans from IGN, GameFly, and Speechmatics. Each team member brings unique insights and skills, contributing to the revolutionary product they’re building.

As the conversation unfolds, it becomes evident that isn’t just about digital identity—it’s about the convergence of disruptive technologies like NFTs, the metaverse, and AI. It takes the scattered, curated, and often deceptive digital identities of traditional social media and transforms them into something far more authentic. This venture represents a significant leap in the ongoing quest for individuality in digital spaces, offering a transparent, real, and engaging user experience.

Toward the end of the discussion, Thibault touches on the future of We talk about the rigorous quality improvements planned before its market launch and express their excitement about what lies ahead. 
If you’re interested in the future of digital identity, AI, and how we present ourselves in increasingly virtual worlds, this episode is a must-listen.

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