Content Team | Digital Marketing Finance: A Conversation with Chris Pearce of Marigold (Cheetah Digital)

Digital Marketing Finance: A Conversation with Chris Pearce of Marigold (Cheetah Digital)

Today, I will take you into the often-overlooked corridors of finance within the digital marketing realm. My guest, Chris Pearce, serves as the International Finance Direct for EMEA and APAC at Marigold, a name that commands respect in the digital marketing arena. 

In the episode, Chris walks us through Marigold’s transformative journey as they made the shift from manual to automated accounts receivable using Quadient AR by YayPay. Chris delves into the before and after, revealing a landscape fraught with challenges, including inconsistent system reports and missed follow-ups that were a part of their pre-automation days. 

With automation, the game has entirely changed for Marigold, with remarkable improvements like securing on-time payments, enhancing customer experiences, and slashing overdue customer payments by an impressive 40%.

We then discuss the K-Piver-Cordion system, a leap forward in the company’s automated accounts receivable efforts. This has significantly optimized communication with customers, streamlined payment processes, and bolstered cash flows. The conversation turns richly informative as Chris elaborates on the challenges Marigold had to navigate during this transition. He emphasizes the meticulous data organization and communication strategies that were pivotal to their success.

We also explore the exciting horizons that automation and artificial intelligence could offer Marigold in the near future. Not just confined to accounts receivable, but the potential for sweeping transformations across various operational facets of the company.

Tune in for a deep-dive into the transformative role of finance in digital marketing, as Chris Pearce offers an unprecedented look at the operations behind one of the industry’s leading names. Whether you’re a digital marketer, a finance professional, or someone intrigued by the blend of the two, this episode promises invaluable insights.

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