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Delinea – The Business of Cybersecurity

Join me in conversation with Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at Delinea, where we delve into a critical but often overlooked aspect of cybersecurity: its alignment with business metrics. Based on alarming statistics from Delinea’s Global CISO research, this episode urges cyber decision-makers to reframe their perspective and underscores the pressing need for integrating cybersecurity with business objectives.

We explore the challenges stemming from the traditional cybersecurity-focused approach, emphasizing a seismic shift towards holistic business security. The statistics from Delinea’s Global CISO research set the tone: 89% of survey respondents reported experiencing at least one negative business impact in the past year due to the absence of alignment between cybersecurity and business strategies. This underscores the importance of the conversation and the pressing need for structural changes.

We discuss the art of communicating the value of cybersecurity initiatives to executive boards. Joseph argues that merely focusing on technical or activity-based metrics such as the number of prevented attacks isn’t enough. These metrics must be integrated into strategic business objectives, helping to break down the conventional silos within organizations and positioning cybersecurity as a crucial enabler of business growth.

Joseph shares why businesses need to prioritize the most critical assets and incorporate security considerations early in project development phases. He underscores the significance of a symbiotic relationship between the CIO and CISO roles for better alignment and fortification against looming cyber threats.

Whether you are a CISO, a business leader, or an executive, the discussion renders invaluable insights into aligning cybersecurity strategy with business goals to gain consensus, appropriate budgets, and, ultimately, a seat at the executive table.

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