Content Team | Cognizant – How Technology is Advancing Life Sciences

Cognizant – How Technology is Advancing Life Sciences

Join me in this captivating episode of Tech Talks Daily as we delve into the ever-evolving world of Life Sciences with Rohit Alimchandani, the Head of Life Sciences for UK & Ireland at Cognizant. With over two decades of experience with Europe’s biggest life sciences businesses, Rohit provides invaluable insights into the industry’s transformative journey.

Our conversation begins with an exploration of the importance of sustainability in the Life Sciences sector. Rohit elaborates on how Cognizant is pioneering sustainable practices and innovations through setting examples, advising clients, and building strategic partnerships.

We venture into the realm of cutting-edge technology and how it’s reshaping the Life Sciences industry. Be it virtual reality games for patient adherence, robotic arms for lab experiments, or machine learning bots for medical legal review, Rohit discusses the plethora of exciting advancements that are transforming the industry’s landscape.

The conversation delves into the challenges companies encounter while embracing digital transformation, particularly in the areas of talent acquisition and fostering a collaborative partner ecosystem. Rohit emphasizes the crucial role that diversity plays in fostering innovation and shares insights about Cognizant’s efforts in promoting a diverse workforce.

Listen as we uncover the story behind the development of a COVID tracking app through a collaboration between Cognizant, Microsoft, and Sensyne Health. Finally, join us as we look into the future of the Life Sciences sector, focusing on precision medicine, and Cognizant’s role in advancing it.

Whether you’re an industry insider or a curious outsider, this episode is an opportunity to learn from an industry expert about the innovations and transformations shaping the Life Sciences sector. Discover how technology, sustainability, and diversity are paving the way for a brighter, healthier future. Tune in!

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