Content Team | Cognizant and the Oceanic Frontier: Leveraging AI for Sustainability

Cognizant and the Oceanic Frontier: Leveraging AI for Sustainability

I host Stig Martin Fiskå, the visionary Global Head of Ocean at Cognizant in today’s Tech Talks Daily Podcast episode. With the backdrop of a declining oceanic ecosystem that impacts the environment and the livelihoods of 3.3 billion people, Stig Martin brings a message of hope through innovation.

We discuss the transformative role Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing in decarbonizing the oceans and rejuvenating their ecosystems. While climate change and over-exploitation pose severe challenges to our oceans’ health, Stig Martin argues that AI can be the linchpin for sustainable solutions. From optimizing aquaculture through precise feeding schedules to measuring existing biodiversity for planning renewable energy projects, AI’s scope is broad and critical.

One essential facet discussed is how AI technology is making strides in harnessing massive data sets—from satellite imagery to weather forecasts—to revolutionize maritime activities. AI-driven models are cost-effective and eco-friendly by optimizing shipping routes and improving fuel efficiency.

This episode goes a step further to discuss real-world applications. In collaboration with Tidal, a project by Alphabet’s Moonshot Factory, Cognizant has successfully rolled out an AI platform trained on an astounding 8 billion observations across 900 terabytes of operational video. This platform is designed for one of the most challenging environments on the planet, showcasing AI’s robust capabilities in sustainability.

Take advantage of this episode if you want to expand your horizons on how emerging technologies like AI are disruptive and can be redemptive, especially for our fragile ecosystems.

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