Content Team | Closing the Cyber Skills Gap: A Conversation with Roy Zur of ThriveDX

Closing the Cyber Skills Gap: A Conversation with Roy Zur of ThriveDX

In this latest episode of the Tech Talks Daily Podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Roy Zur, CEO of ThriveDX Enterprise, a company at the forefront of cybersecurity training and education. Our discussion centered around ThriveDX’s innovative approach to addressing the critical cybersecurity skills gap, its unique training model, and its groundbreaking Cybersecurity Apprenticeship program.

The conversation started by exploring the current cybersecurity landscape and its growing importance in a tight economy. Roy then shared his insights on how cybersecurity offers vast opportunities for individuals looking to reskill or upskill, especially in today’s digital age, where security threats are ever-evolving.

We then delved into what sets ThriveDX’s training model apart. Roy elucidated on their hands-on, practical approach to cybersecurity education, which equips candidates with the necessary skills and prepares them for the real-world challenges they will face in the field. This focus on practical training is a cornerstone of ThriveDX’s success in producing highly competent cybersecurity professionals.

Much of our discussion was dedicated to ThriveDX’s new Cybersecurity Apprenticeship program. Roy explained how this program offers companies a risk-free way to bring in new cybersecurity talent and reskill their current employees.

This initiative, aimed at closing the cyber skills gap and building diversity across the industry, partners with nonprofits to provide employers with the opportunity to train and hire cyber professionals from diverse communities. The program stands out for its zero training costs and reduced hiring fees, making it a win-win for employers and aspiring cybersecurity professionals.

Roy and I also discussed the value of hiring individuals from non-tech backgrounds, such as veterans or analysts, for cybersecurity positions. He highlighted how ThriveDX identifies potential candidates, provides them with comprehensive hands-on training, and boasts a high employment rate in the field.

We further discussed the significant cybersecurity skills gap and the challenges businesses face in filling these positions. Roy emphasized the importance of apprenticeship programs in addressing this shortage and the long-term benefits and loyalty apprentices bring to organizations.

Roy also shed light on the Apprenti program, which provides government grants for training individuals in the United States and has partnerships in other countries. He spoke about ThriveDX’s continuous learning approach through ‘last mile training,’ collaborating with tech companies to stay updated with industry advancements.

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