Content Team | CleverCards and the Mission to Revolutionize Digital Payments

CleverCards and the Mission to Revolutionize Digital Payments

In this episode of Tech Talks Daily, I chat with Kealan Lennon, the mind behind CleverCards, a disruptive global payments platform that is reshaping how both public and private sectors transact. With its astronomical growth, CleverCards has challenged traditional banking systems by opening over 100,000 accounts across Europe in 2022, a significant feat in a year of sweeping changes in the financial landscape.

Kealan takes us behind the scenes of CleverCards’ genesis and its rapid rise to success, including a revenue increase by a staggering 5,000% in just a year. He sheds light on how CleverCards uses cutting-edge technology to bypass unnecessary processes and participants in the payment value chain, creating unrivalled efficiencies while automating compliance with complex financial services regulations.

Listen as Kealan explains the technology that powers CleverCards, from building an infrastructure that issues digital Mastercards across Europe to processing payments globally in less than a second. He shares the challenges they’ve encountered while navigating intricate financial regulations and how they’ve leveraged these into a competitive edge.

Kealan also discusses how CleverCards is innovating payment processes by offering configurable digital Mastercards for various use cases. This flexibility has even seen CleverCards used by the British state to distribute fuel and gas vouchers during the cost-of-living crisis.

We explore the company’s remarkable expansion plans and its focus on Europe and the Middle East as potential markets. Additionally, Kealan shares his insights on disrupting traditional banking and payment methods, hinting at possible offerings of digital credit cards in the future.


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