Content Team | Cisco Live: Webex’s Vision for AI in Hybrid Work

Cisco Live: Webex’s Vision for AI in Hybrid Work

Are you and your business truly leveraging the power of AI in your workplace, or are we just scratching the surface amid the widespread hype? Today, I’m joined by Aruna Ravichandran, the dynamic Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Customer Officer at Webex by Cisco, who is making significant strides in technological and workforce transformations. Broadcasting from the vibrant Cisco Live event in Las Vegas, Aruna brings over two decades of experience from some of the most influential tech companies worldwide.

In today’s episode, Aruna will explore the evolving landscape of work and the transformative role of AI. With her robust background in engineering and marketing, she is ideally positioned to discuss the convergence of technology and customer engagement. Aruna is not just a leader in digital marketing strategies; she’s also a staunch advocate for women in STEM and brings perspectives on the future of work that are both innovative and deeply inspiring.

So, hold on tight as we dive into a conversation that promises to expand your understanding of AI’s impact on professional environments. Aruna, a massive welcome to the show! Could you start by telling us a bit about your role and the exciting developments you’ve seen at Cisco Live?

Listeners, as we navigate through these insights, what are your thoughts on the role of AI in enhancing workplace efficiency and transforming business operations? How do you see these advancements influencing your industry or personal career trajectory? I invite you to share your views and join the conversation.

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