Content Team | Check Point Software – Why Boardrooms Need to Measure Cyber Resilience

Check Point Software – Why Boardrooms Need to Measure Cyber Resilience

On today’s episode of Tech Talks Daily, we’re diving deep into the world of cyber resilience with Deryck Mitchelson, Field CISO at Check Point Software. The number is staggering: organisations lost over $2.7 billion in email fraud last year. But should this continue?

In our dynamic conversation, Deryck and I explore why many CISOs may be underestimating the threat of email security breaches and how the right security measures can lead to significant cost savings for companies.

Amidst the rising tide of cyberattacks and the socio-political turmoil, it’s evident that traditional cybersecurity measures are no longer sufficient. Instead, Deryck introduces us to the concept of cyber resilience, where organizations strive to anticipate, withstand, and bounce back from cyber onslaughts.

We also discuss the pressing need for organizations to transition from a detection-focused mindset to a prevention-first approach. Central to our conversation is the three C’s vital for enhanced cyber resilience: Comprehensive measures, Consolidation of tools, and Collaboration within the cybersecurity ecosystem. Deryck emphasizes the role of Checkpoint Software in pioneering this shift, offering solutions to ensure businesses stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries.

Referencing his insightful article, “How Does Your Board Measure Cyber Resilience?”, Deryck further delves into the frameworks that businesses can adopt to bolster their security and why resilience is the cornerstone of any modern cybersecurity strategy. As threats grow and evolve, resilience becomes more critical than ever, and Deryck offers a roadmap on how businesses can navigate this complex landscape.

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