Content Team | Certinia: The Tech Behind the Single Source of Certainty for Services Businesses

Certinia: The Tech Behind the Single Source of Certainty for Services Businesses

Deb Ashton joins me on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast. .With over 25 years of experience in ERP and digital transformation, Deb has cultivated an impressive reputation in the industry and has now directed her focus towards connecting business systems, enhancing data analysis, and promoting intelligent business decision-making with Certinia.

In this insightful discussion, Deb sheds light on the evolution of FinancialForce into Certinia, revealing the vision and strategy behind the rebranding. We delve into the heart of Certinia’s mission to provide certainty in data, highlighting its unique attributes of a connected business, intelligent delivery, and scalable agility.

Deb will share her thoughts on the emergence and potential of generative AI, and how Certinia is planning to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving tech industry. We also uncover the secrets behind Certinia’s culture and how it plays a pivotal role in staff retention.

Finally, we touch on the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry, a cause that Deb is particularly passionate about, and discuss how she sees the future of ERP and PSA technology solutions shaping up.

For tech enthusiasts, digital transformation advocates, and aspiring leaders, this episode offers an insightful view into the journey of a technology company from its early roots to its current success. Tune in to learn from Deb Ashton’s wealth of experience and understand why Certinia is making waves in the world of Services-as-a-Business platforms.

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