Content Team | Building your Professional Brand in 1-Click, with AI

Building your Professional Brand in 1-Click, with AI

How can artificial intelligence redefine personal branding for professionals worldwide? Today, we delve into this fascinating intersection of technology and individual growth with Deboshree Dutta, CEO of Criya and a beacon for BIPOC immigrants in the tech industry.

From her early days as a product leader to her dynamic rise as a YC-backed entrepreneur, Deboshree has navigated the complexities of building a personal brand that not only captures her essence but also opens doors to unimaginable opportunities. Under her leadership, Criya has empowered over a thousand high-net-worth individuals with advanced AI tools to craft compelling professional identities. J

Join us as Deboshree shares her journey from securing an EB1 Green Card through her significant contributions to technology, to revolutionizing personal branding with Criya’s innovative platform. What does it take to transform your professional visibility and influence in today’s digital world? 

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences on personal branding in the comments or online! What steps are you taking to enhance your professional visibility?

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