secretleaders | Building world’s best elite match-making service, with Rachel MacLynn, Founder and CEO of Vida

Building world’s best elite match-making service, with Rachel MacLynn, Founder and CEO of Vida

“I came across a job advert for a psychologist to join a matchmaking agency. I wouldn’t describe myself as a spiritual person, but it just felt like my dad had sent [me] this opportunity. I had butterflies in my stomach. That was the moment that changed my life.”

Are you unlucky in love? Or perhaps you’re exploring a very niche entrepreneurial path, then don’t miss Rachel Vida MacLynn, the founder of The Vida Consultancy, widely considered the best elite matchmaking agency in the world, on this week’s Secret Leaders.

“One of our biggest challenges is we don’t get to keep our clients for a lifetime. We have to keep finding new clients because most of our clients only stay with us for 12 months, and they’re expensive to acquire.”

It’s a fascinating niche – they’re a matchmaking service for high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and business people looking for long term relationships.

“I’ve pulled more and more psychology into the service, because it’s become more apparent to me that a lot of clients think they know what they want in a partner, but what they think they’re looking for isn’t actually right for them.”

But how does elite matchmaking work? What is the business model for such a niche? What does it cost? And how did Rachel get into it in the first place? From starting up to international expansion, to learn about Rachel’s incredible journey in elite matching and more, download and listen to this latest episode.

We chat about:

  • The role of psychology in matchmaking
  • Finding customers for elite matchmaking
  • Funding and international expansion

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