Content Team | BRG: What to Expect From the EU AI Act and How the AI Pact Will Bridge the Gap

BRG: What to Expect From the EU AI Act and How the AI Pact Will Bridge the Gap

In an era where technology rapidly reshapes the boundaries of privacy and innovation, understanding the intricate dance between AI regulation and data privacy becomes paramount. We explore critical domains with the expertise of Amy Worley, a distinguished figure in AI regulation and data privacy, currently making waves at Berkeley Research Group.

Amy Worley, described as a “data globe trotter,” brings to the table an unparalleled depth of knowledge garnered from her extensive experience consulting across borders—from advising a foreign government in Holland on data privacy to guiding Fortune 500 companies through the labyrinth of data compliance, privacy, and ethics. With a background as the global chief privacy officer for a leading global pharmaceutical and medical device company, Amy’s insights are at the forefront of shaping how we navigate the complexities of data in a digital age.

This episode unfolds the expected changes and challenges as the EU’s new AI Act approaches its implementation. Amy elucidates how this act aims to foster innovation while safeguarding human rights, categorizing AI systems based on risk levels to balance progress with protection. Furthermore, we delve into the AI Pact’s role in bridging the gap between current practices and future regulations, offering companies a collaborative platform to align with upcoming compliance requirements.

However, the data privacy landscape isn’t just a concern of the future but a pressing issue of today. Amy sheds light on the stalled progress of data privacy regulation in the US, dissected by political divides yet animated by state-level initiatives crafting their laws in response. Despite these challenges, a bipartisan consensus emerges on the necessity to protect children’s privacy online, hinting at possible avenues for legislative progress.

Staying abreast of these developments is no small feat. Amy shares her strategies for continuous learning and recommends essential readings and resources that offer broad overviews and deep dives into AI, privacy, and their societal impacts.

As we wrap up today’s enriching dialogue with Amy Worley, we’re reminded of the ongoing evolution of AI regulation and data privacy laws. The conversation highlights the complexities of navigating these changes and emphasizes the importance of informed engagement with these topics. But the discussion doesn’t end here; we invite you to share your perspectives. How do these regulatory shifts impact you or your business? What steps are you taking to adapt and stay informed?

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