secretleaders | Bloom & Wild: building world’s fastest growing flower company with Co-Founder & CEO Aron Gelbard

Bloom & Wild: building world’s fastest growing flower company with Co-Founder & CEO Aron Gelbard

How big can a flower company really be? Well, the industry processes over a billion transactions every year and Bloom & Wild is leading the charge to become the dominant player. In today’s show we talk to Co-Founder and CEO Aron Gelbard about how it all nearly failed before it had even begun, and how much of that market they can really take.

“We’re doing a few million of those. So we’ve made meaningful headway. But there’s a huge way to go around the world.”

That’s not bad for a company that set up shop in 2013 and quickly became best known for making it possible to send flowers in under a minute on a smartphone, and for those flowers to be delivered through your letterbox.

“We got 1,000 orders in the week of [our first] Mother’s Day. And I remember this because I had to process them all individually in the spreadsheet, and it took me all day to do whereas normally the order processing took an hour.”

From their first piece of accidental marketing by the Daily Mail (after being told to move on by Wholefoods on High St. Ken), to understanding the value of a great customer review:

“We very rapidly realised that it was going to be really important to get good customer reviews and build trust, because people need to trust you in order to let you be the conveyor of their emotions. And so we focused on getting good review scores.”

Don’t miss Aron sharing the challenges of international growth, the problem with building a website on the cheap, their success with replantable Christmas trees through the post, and raising their recent £75m seed funding round.

“It’s super important for me to be kind to everybody that I interact with. I think it connects to my desire to please people, it’s really innate in the business that we’re in, that you have to do it kindly. And I think I’ve tried to be kind to consumers and those that we work with, and to our team.”

We chat about:

  • Tracking sender and recipient Net Promoter Score
  • Embracing sustainability
  • Fundraising for international expansion
  • Building and nurturing culture while WFH
  • The importance of kindness


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