Content Team | Behaviol and the Technology Redefining Sports Entertainment

Behaviol and the Technology Redefining Sports Entertainment

Today, I’m joined by Chris¬†Ebeling, an industry-renowned animator, creative director, writer, and digital artist who recently joined Behaviol’s leadership team. Chris shares insights from his extensive experience, having worked on Hollywood blockbusters and AAA gaming cinematic productions, as well as innovative projects such as ZED.RUN, a blockchain-based, digital horse racing game.

We explore the fascinating world of Behaviol, a tech studio at the cutting edge of sports gaming. Behaviol stands out with its revolutionary use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create unique digital athletes. Starting with their flagship game, META11, they’re pioneering the world’s first free-to-play triple-A sports gaming omniverse, which is set to transform the sports entertainment industry.

Join us as we delve into the intricate use of AI to train digital avatars in META11, discuss the ethical considerations of integrating AI in gaming, and predict how AI and digital avatars are going to reshape the future of esports. We also address how the fusion of traditional sports and esports is leading to a new era of immersive gaming, attracting major sports brands to extend their reach and fan engagement.

Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation that explores the intersection of AI, gaming, and sports, with a sprinkle of privacy considerations and cultural representation in the gaming world.

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