Content Team | Atom Computing: How the US can Win the Quantum Race

Atom Computing: How the US can Win the Quantum Race

Today, I am joined by Rob Hays, the CEO of Atom Computing, a company specializing in the creation of scalable, gate-based quantum computers.
In an era where quantum computing is quickly evolving from theoretical research to practical application, Rob Hays comes forward with an impassioned perspective on why the United States needs to lead the global race in this pivotal technology. 

As we unpack his views, you will discover a detailed roadmap that includes increased public funding, diversified investment strategies, and the essential role of government partnerships. Rob and I also tackle the increasingly important topic of talent acquisition and retention in the burgeoning field of quantum technologies. The conversation illuminates the U.S.’s struggles and opportunities as it attempts to maintain a competitive edge, particularly when pitted against international rivals in the technology sector.

However, this isn’t merely about a race but the consequences of who crosses the finish line first. We will explore the monumental economic value and the array of industries that stand to benefit from large-scale quantum computing. Moreover, we will touch upon the implications of new rules under consideration by U.S. Treasury officials that could restrict the flow of investments and knowledge to foreign companies, particularly in China, which is making strides in semiconductors, AI, and quantum computing.

Join us as we engage in an incisive discussion that goes beyond the headlines to provide a nuanced understanding of the complexities, challenges, and vast opportunities in the world of quantum computing. 

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