secretleaders | Allplants & Mindful Chef: Keeping The Nation Fed Through Covid-19

Allplants & Mindful Chef: Keeping The Nation Fed Through Covid-19

It’s a tough time for many businesses right now, but one sector in particular is thriving – the world of delicious food delivered to your doorstep. Unlike the vast majority of businesses, these companies are growing exponentially, because of the lockdown.

“Literally overnight, it’s [Covid-19] essentially forced consumers who have never bought one grocery shop online to go, ‘Well, I might as well try this because there’s queues around the block for my supermarket, which has got nothing in it, and every restaurant in the land is closed. So let me give it a go’.”

If you’re an entrepreneur wondering how your food business is going to survive the pandemic, then you need to listen to this episode with the founders of two brilliant brands, Mindful Chef and Allplants.

Mindful Chef was founded by three school friends out of their tiny apartment in 2015 and now makes 5 million meals a year. Allplants on the other hand was launched by brothers JP and Alex in 2017, and have already served 1 million plus meals and recently launched Europe’s largest dedicated plant based kitchen.

With names like Sir Andy Murray and Victoria Pendleton thrown around, and nuggets such as ‘frozen is the most neglected technology in the UK’, this episode is jam packed full of information that all aspiring foodie entrepreneurs need to take note of.

We chat about:

  • The positive impact of Covid-19 on the food industry
  • How to increase volume of production while ensuring employees are social distancing
  • Issues of sourcing new suppliers to meet demand
  • How to manage overnight growth
  • Maintaining the culture of the company with so many new employees

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