Content Team | AI Everywhere With IEEE Senior Member Ayesha Iqbal

AI Everywhere With IEEE Senior Member Ayesha Iqbal

In today’s episode of Tech Talks Daily, we’re diving deep into the world of artificial intelligence with Ayesha Iqbal. She is an IEEE Senior Member and Engineering Trainer at Manufacturing Technology Centre, UK.

Throughout our discussion, Ayesha uncovers AI’s profound influence across many industries, illustrating both the opportunities it presents and the challenges it raises. We delve into the transformative power of AI in healthcare, from genetic code discoveries to robot-assisted surgeries, and how the technology promises to reshape diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. Yet, as with any technological evolution, it’s crucial to move forward with caution.¬†

Ayesha highlights the urgent call from the World Health Organisation (WHO) for rigorous oversight, ensuring that AI’s integration in healthcare remains safe, effective, and ethically sound. But our AI journey doesn’t stop at healthcare. We venture into AI’s broader applications, discussing its burgeoning influence in travel, transportation, and even its potential to address some of the planet’s most pressing climate and environmental challenges.

One can’t help but feel a flurry of lightbulb moments while listening to Ayesha’s insights, inviting listeners to dare to think bigger, to envision the art of the possible.

In addition to her illustrious work in the AI realm, Ayesha has an impressive academic and professional background. With a master’s in electrical engineering, a decade of professional experience, and numerous publications to her name, Ayesha’s expertise is undeniable.

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