Content Team | AI at Work: How Cisco is Redefining the Workplace with Javed Khan

AI at Work: How Cisco is Redefining the Workplace with Javed Khan

Javed Khan, SVP and GM of Cisco Collaboration, joins me in a discussion about the world of Hybrid Work. Javed reveals the approach of Cisco Collaboration in leveraging AI to deliver unrivaled experiences for both organizations and contact center agents. We explore the impact of AI on teamwork, decision-making, and efficiency, transforming the very way we understand and approach work.

Javed also discusses the concept of the ‘mobile office’, giving us a glimpse into the future of work. He shares his vision of a seamless blend of technology and connectivity, where geographical boundaries cease to restrict productivity and innovation.

In addition, we delve into Javed’s leadership at Cisco, where he previously ran Cisco’s Cloud Calling business and led the Webex Meetings business unit. We learn about the strategy and transformative initiatives that have been the hallmark of his tenure, such as the development of a single meetings platform architecture and the modernization of the Webex experience.

Listen in as we explore the intersection of technology, work, and the future. If you are interested in the future of work, AI, or just curious about what comes next, you won’t want to miss this episode.


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