Content Team | Advancing Diversity in Tech: A Conversation with PowerToFly’s Co-Founder Milena Berry

Advancing Diversity in Tech: A Conversation with PowerToFly’s Co-Founder Milena Berry

In this Tech Talks Daily Podcast episode, we are privileged to host Milena Berry, Co-Founder and CEO of PowerToFly, the groundbreaking platform at the forefront of accelerating economic equity by upskilling and connecting underrepresented talent with significant roles in visible sectors.

Our discussion delves into Milena’s visionary mission, striving to partner with the top 100 brands to offer a range of diversity solutions through PowerToFly. We explore the human element of success, seeking insights into the influential figures who have shaped Milena’s journey.

A focal point of our conversation is PowerToFly’s innovative feature within their PowerPro product, ‘Candidate Search.’ This transformative tool redefines talent acquisition, enabling companies to identify and recruit candidates from underrepresented backgrounds with unprecedented inclusivity and efficiency. We discuss how this tool uses Enhanced Search to identify candidates based on diversity parameters like gender and ethnicity, revolutionizing the hiring landscape.

We confront sobering statistics, such as the disproportionate job losses among DEIB workers in 2021 and the persistent issue of racial discrimination in the tech industry. PowerToFly’s response, through their Diversity Filters and beyond, offers a comprehensive suite of solutions addressing these challenges.

Our discussion with Milena also ventures into strategies for implementing effective and enduring DEIB policies, encompassing leadership accountability, regular training, and integrating DEIB into every hiring phase. We examine how these strategies can weave DEIB into a company’s DNA, fostering ethical practices and business success.

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