Content Team | Accenture: The Race to Cloud and Reaching the Inflection Point to Value

Accenture: The Race to Cloud and Reaching the Inflection Point to Value

On this episode of Tech Talks Daily Podcast, I am excited to host Ashley Skyrme, a notable figure from Accenture. Ashley plays a pivotal role in shaping Accenture’s cloud strategy and has recently been involved in their latest report, “The race to cloud: Reaching the inflection point to long sought value.”

During our engaging conversation, Ashley sheds light on how the cloud market is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Our discourse delves into the report’s findings that reveal cloud commitment is no longer optional but has become a business mandate. An astonishing 86% of companies report ramping up the scope and volume of their cloud initiatives since 2020.

While cloud adoption shows promising progression, it’s not without challenges. We talk about the persistent hurdles businesses face, such as security and compliance risks, the complexity of operational change, and how a few early adopters have managed to overcome these barriers to unlock the true value of their cloud investments. Ashley generously shares some success stories, strategies, and best practices that have worked for companies, providing listeners with valuable insights and solutions.

Our conversation also includes a future-forward perspective as we discuss the upcoming trends in cloud adoption. Ashley explains the strategic shift towards reinventing the digital core, sustainable cost transformation, and the importance of AI-centric and industry-specific cloud investments.

In this episode, we don’t just scratch the surface but deep dive into the current state of the cloud market, its benefits, complexities, and how businesses can optimize their cloud strategies. 

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