Content Team | Accenture Technology Vision 2023: Generative AI to Usher in a New Future for Business

Accenture Technology Vision 2023: Generative AI to Usher in a New Future for Business

In this thought-provoking episode of Tech Talks Daily, we dive into the cutting-edge insights from the Accenture Technology Vision 2023 report titled “When Atoms Meet Bits: The Foundations of Our New Reality.” Joining us is Michael Biltz from Accenture, who sheds light on the transformative technology trends shaping the convergence of the physical and digital worlds.

Michael and our host Neil explore the fascinating world of generative AI and its potential to augment human capability as a co-pilot, creative partner, or advisor. Discover how generative AI is poised to spark significant creativity and innovation while ushering in a new era of enterprise intelligence. With as much as 40% of working hours expected to be supported or augmented by language-based AI, Michael explains why AI foundation models are crucial for organizations’ future strategies.

The discussion deepens into the strategic importance of digital identity technologies, the authentication of digital users and assets, and how they form the foundation for traversing both digital and physical realms. Uncover the impact of data transparency on business success, as well as the increasing role data plays as a key competitive differentiator.

As we look to the future, Michael outlines the powerful feedback loop between science and technology, and its potential to unlock the world’s grand challenges. Learn how Accenture is at the forefront of driving these disruptive technologies forward, including the establishment of their Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) Center of Excellence.

Join us in exploring Accenture’s Technology Vision 2023, where we discuss the convergence of the digital and physical worlds, the transformative potential of generative AI, the significance of data transparency, and the feedback loop between science and technology. As the line between the physical and digital worlds becomes increasingly blurred, this episode is a must-listen for technology enthusiasts, business leaders, and anyone curious about the future of business in a rapidly evolving world.

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