Content Team | ABB is Powering the Future With Public EV Charging Infrastructure

ABB is Powering the Future With Public EV Charging Infrastructure

In this electrifying episode, I plug into the world of electric vehicle (EV) charging with Dan O’Shea, VP of Business Development at ABB E-mobility. With over a decade of experience in EV charging infrastructure and a finger on the pulse of public charging and utilities, Dan brings an invaluable technologist’s perspective to the table.

ABB E-mobility, a global leader in EV charging solutions, boasts the highest uptime and the largest installed base of DC fast chargers in the market. Dan discusses the company’s vertically integrated offerings, including a wide portfolio of AC and DC charging hardware, digital services, and advanced energy and fleet management solutions. He highlights how critical cloud-based connectivity enables ABB to provide round-the-clock remote monitoring and diagnostics, ensuring reliability and availability.

We explore the pressing question of whether EV charging infrastructure can keep pace with the anticipated growth fueled by government investment. They delve into the role of fleet electrification in the broader context of the EV revolution and how it fits into the big picture of sustainable transportation.

The conversation shifts to the best practices for ensuring charging reliability and uptime in public spaces. Dan shares insights on the importance of robust infrastructure, the integration of smart technology, and the need for continuous innovation to meet the demands of an ever-growing EV market.

Furthermore, they discuss the pivotal role of utilities in achieving industry-wide reliability and the further adoption of EVs. Dan emphasizes the collaborative efforts required between various stakeholders to create a seamless and user-friendly charging experience for EV owners.

This episode is a deep dive into the technological advancements and strategic thinking required to expand and enhance the public EV charging infrastructure. Listeners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the journey towards a fully electrified future.

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