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In this episode, I sit down with Paula Phelan, a technology trailblazer whose journey spans from being a software engineer in the 1970s to her recent foray into AI startups. Paula shares extensive insights into what it takes to start and sustain a successful business and the motivations behind her decision to gift her thriving business to her employees.

We explore the transformative power of AI across various industries, with a particular focus on public relations. Paula provides real-world examples of how AI reduces costs, expands global reach, and revolutionizes traditional PR practices. She also sheds light on AI startups’ challenges, such as potential access inequalities and biases stemming from flawed training data.

This episode is not just about technological transformation; it’s a deep dive into the ethical considerations and the potential societal impacts of AI. We discuss how AI might shape future job landscapes and the importance of ensuring AI is accessible and unbiased. Paula offers practical advice for businesses and entrepreneurs considering integrating AI into their models, emphasizing the significance of solving real problems rather than adopting AI for its own sake.

As we delve into how AI is redefining IT and technology, Paula’s networking background offers a unique perspective on the intersection of traditional IT and AI-driven solutions.

Dr. Paula Phelan is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, developer, and investor with expertise in emerging and disruptive technologies in the fields of cybersecurity, 5G, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence. Dr. Phelan has assisted over 150 companies in reaching successful exits. Her entrepreneurial spirit and decades of experience in technology, funding, and strategic planning make her a sought-after speaker and advisor in the industry. Currently, she is working with several AI companies, including one of her own.

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