Content Team | 2836: Insights from Accenture’s Technology Vision 2024 Report

2836: Insights from Accenture’s Technology Vision 2024 Report

How is technology shaping the future of human potential and productivity? I sit down with Adam Burden, Accenture’s chief technology officer. We explore the insights from Accenture’s 2024 Technology Vision report, “Human by Design: How AI unleashes the next level of human potential.” 

Adam discusses the transformative potential of generative AI, poised to impact a significant portion of working hours across industries, enhancing productivity in numerous job types and potentially adding trillions to the global economy. The conversation extends beyond the realms of generative AI to the broader spectrum of “human by design” technologies. These innovations are redefining our relationship with technology, making it a more seamless extension of human capabilities.

The episode also covers the shift in how knowledge is organized and accessed, with AI reshaping our approach to information processing and decision-making. Adam illustrates this with examples of how AI can suggest perspectives and solutions that might not have been considered, effectively acting as a catalyst for creativity and innovation.

Furthermore, we discuss the emerging importance of spatial computing in the enterprise sector despite the consumer side still searching for its “killer app.” They touch on the potential of digital twins for training and exploring AR/VR in retail, highlighting the necessity of modern networks like 5G to support these technologies.

Another intriguing topic is the evolution of body electronics, where technology becomes increasingly integrated and natural in our daily lives. This trend emphasizes the need for responsible AI and ethical considerations as these technologies become more embedded in our physical and digital interactions.

Adam emphasizes the gap between intentions and organizations’ operationalization of responsible AI frameworks. He outlines key steps for businesses to embrace and implement responsible AI practices, highlighting the critical nature of governance, risk assessment, and compliance monitoring in this context.

As technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, Adam’s insights from Accenture’s 2024 Technology Vision report offer a roadmap for harnessing these advancements to unlock human potential.


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