Content Team | 2780: ServiceNow: How Technology is Democratizing App Development

2780: ServiceNow: How Technology is Democratizing App Development

In today’s fast-paced world, where the boundaries of technology are constantly being pushed, how do we bridge the gap between the increasing demand for tech solutions and the scarcity of traditional developer talent? This intriguing question sets the stage for our latest episode of the Tech Talks Daily podcast, where we explore the fascinating intersection of technology, AI, and app development.

Joining us is Jithin Bhasker, General Manager and Vice President for the App Engine business at ServiceNow. Under Jithin’s visionary leadership, ServiceNow is revolutionizing the way we think about app development. They’re pioneering methods that enable code generation from a variety of prompts, blending the worlds of low-code platforms and generative AI. This approach is not just about streamlining the development process; it’s about empowering a wider range of individuals to contribute meaningfully to this realm, thereby democratizing app development.

We delve into the global tech talent shortage, a pressing issue that’s only exacerbated by the rising demand for skilled engineers and developers. Despite significant tech layoffs, there’s still a massive need for these professionals, with a projected shortage of over 500,000 developers in the US alone over the next decade.

Jithin sheds light on how citizen development through low-code/no-code platforms is enabling non-technical people to build apps and automate processes, addressing this talent crunch. We’ll explore how ServiceNow’s platform provides the necessary governance for such democratization, ensuring balance and control.

The rise of generative AI, including innovations like text-to-code and text-to-workflow, is making developers more efficient, accelerating app development, and reducing barriers for less technical users. But with this democratization comes the need for continuous learning and adaptation, a challenge for both technical and non-technical roles.

In this episode, we aim to uncover the true potential of combining low-code platforms with AI, how it’s still in an experimental phase for many CIOs, and the importance of maintaining proper governance, such as access controls, in this new era of app development.


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