Content Team | 2740: Meet the Security Mentalist Helping Organizations Educate Staff About Cybersecurity

2740: Meet the Security Mentalist Helping Organizations Educate Staff About Cybersecurity

Have you ever considered how your workplace educates its staff about cybersecurity? Do they use engaging, even humorous, methods to make the information stick? In a world where compliance training often becomes a forgettable ritual, finding innovative ways to raise awareness about cybersecurity is crucial.


Gary Chan is a pioneer in blending cybersecurity education with entertainment. Three years ago, Gary shared his insights on Free Security Awareness Training. Now, he’s back to discuss his unique approach to driving security initiatives through entertainment.

Gary has spent a year creating a cybersecurity + mentalism educational entertainment show that’s been a hit in cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, Phoenix, St. Louis, and even Warsaw, Poland. His approach isn’t just about educating; it’s about engaging and making an impression. From putting security messages in fortune cookies to designing custom mugs for password policy changes, Gary turns potential objections into opportunities for storytelling and awareness.

His efforts have resonated not just with IT professionals but also with their families, leading to a demand for cybersecurity educational materials for kids. Gary’s keynote speeches, blending mentalism and security awareness, have become a popular fixture at conferences and corporate events.

In this episode, we’ll delve into Gary’s journey of becoming a ‘security mentalist,’ his methods of making security fun and engaging, and how he’s helping companies transform their approach to cybersecurity awareness.

We’ll explore:

  • How Gary’s show has changed the conversation about security.
  • The balance between entertainment and education in his work.
  • His vision for the future of cybersecurity awareness.

Join us as we uncover the creative ways Gary Chan is making cybersecurity awareness more effective and memorable.

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