secretleaders | 16-year battle to £100m esports team, with Fnatic Founder Sam Mathews

16-year battle to £100m esports team, with Fnatic Founder Sam Mathews

If you’re in need of inspiration and ideas for how to succeed in the eSports world, then don’t miss this insightful episode with the co-founder and CEO of Fnatic, Sam Mathews.

“I’m probably more like the Glazers than I am Alex Ferguson, because I’m kind of running the whole business.”

Fnatic is one of the leading eSports teams in the world, and currently, the eSports industry is blowing up, not just because of Sam, but he has definitely contributed towards its success.

But what is eSports and why are over 1.5 billion people around the world so into it?

“[The] games we play on the computer are super engaging, and they’re much more engaging in some ways than some of these physical sports, and tactical. And they’re also unlimited in terms of imagination.”

Not to mention watching people who are exceptionally good at eSports is thrilling in itself, and the top competitors engage with spectators in real time.

From launching Fnatic at uni, to aiming to become a billion dollar company, in today’s episode of Secret Leaders, Sam shares his entrepreneurial journey to date. Including the transition from Neverland to becoming the CEO of Fnatic, how he bought his mum out of the company, fundraising on a $130 million valuation and most recently, creating an eSports partnership with Gucci.

We chat about:

  • What eSports are and why 1.5 billion people worldwide play them
  • How he got his Mum working for Fnatic… and how he bought her out
  • Why eSports tournaments are held IRL
  • Creating an eSports partnership with Gucci
  • Fundraising for Fnatic and becoming CEO

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