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WB40 Podcast

WB40 (279) Transitions

On this week’s show we speak with Railsware CEO Yaroslav Lazor about moving from being a business building software for others to being a product company. You can find out about their Bridges framework...

Tech Talk

Tech Talks Why might companies want to switch AI off?

Todd Olson is the founder and CEO of Pendo, a company on a mission to elevate the world’s experience of software. Today we’re asking, are companies ready for AI, or worse… are they scared?...

Tech Talk Daily with Neil Hughes

RetailTech: Honeywell’s Strategy for a Frictionless Future

In this episode, we’re exploring the innovative world of Honeywell, a Fortune 500 company renowned for inventing and manufacturing technologies that tackle global safety, security, and energy challenges. I’m joined by Mehul Patel from...

WB40 Podcast

WB40 (278) Collaborating

This week we chat with Gavin Jones to talk through some of the challenges and opportunities when looking at collaborating and technology. You can find out more about Gavin and his work at: YouTube:...