Personal Branding: True Feminism Vs. Fraudulent Female Executive Greed

Personal Branding: True Feminism Vs. Fraudulent Female Executive Greed

Personal Branding

I know I normally post an update on the latest social media, digital and/or mobile trends as they relate to marketing and branding. However, as a marketing and branding specialist, and a women in a senior- level position, that has worked for years to achieve the accomplishments I have achieved, including obtaining my MBA while working full-time, I feel that focusing on #personal #branding is an important concept right now, as is detailing the true meaning of the word #feminism.

Feminism is a fraud when it is used by a woman to push down other women and glorify herself. She is not a feminist, but rather a hypocrite and complete definition of the word counterfeited phony – an imitation. To justify the fraud of a true feminist that believes in growth and strength for women requires hypocrisy. To enforce the hypocrisy that justifies the fraud requires intimidation.

Feminism – in this sense – does not exist to advance the causes of women. Feminism in this case, rather exists to advance the causes of deceptive feminists, or woman who think they are more powerful than they truly are, nor have worked to become – in any sense, they are easy to identify through the utter jealously & neglect for truism they display to other women and in general as a human being.

These classifications of feminism, as you can already foresee, are two entirely different concepts – a feminist that believes and fights for women, and a feminist that thinks and portrays the female characteristics of greed for the benefit of herself and those that succumb to her, even if that means glorying men to be higher “beings” – especially those that deserve to be classified as the lowest level of a respectable male that one can describe. These “feminists” are by definition phony – not genuine, sincere or respectable.

Women executives earn their keep at their positions and career, which in essence, is their livelihood, respect, and skillsets that set them apart from others. They take on not only the bearing of being specialists in their relative disciplines, but also as being leaders and those others look up to within their organization, industry, and from respective family, friends, industry peers and clients.

Those women who quote on quote “take the roll of being the people-person” in the organization, especially in an executive role, yet do not have the skill level to run that business or position if need be, as well as put other women down for their own greed, are not truly in favor of women – they are in favor of themselves and power – and carry arrogance. The jealousy these anti-feminists hold succumbs to the surface, and is shown though materialistic items, belittling of other women that will not make her queen, and most importantly and unfortunately, carry ignorance towards all other women that refuse to envy her. She focuses on demeaning and degrading those women who have earned their keep and fight for it, and does so through her actions, which are discreditable to see firsthand, as well as through her words, and does so in any and every way possible.

The women that refuse to envy these “feminists” (or the anti-feminist), do so because they have earned their keep and position, and have worked hard to achieve what they have in life – they can see the façade and are too sharp to fall prey to her “anti-feminist” glory she will relentlessly demand by degrading those who refuse to envy her. Therefore, they are the ones that, despite being the brightest, smartest, craftiest and talented women in the room, will be chastised.

These women, especially when in executive roles, are without a doubt, the highest level of anti-feminists, and are not deserving of the word (feminist) as an adjective of descriptive character – they do not possess wisdom, provide trust, nor hold true to the meanings of honesty, integrity or sincerity ~ In essence, they glorify the anti-feminist, especially when allowing men to demean women to a lesser human being, as I’m sure many have witnessed and hopefully, if lucky, have not been a victim of.

Respect yourself and others will respect you back – The ability to carry the descriptive adjectives of truthful, honest, and sincere, are earned, not forced, and are only deserving to those who have only earned and displayed these mannerisms in their character.

To all the women executives out there that have earned the right to hold the positions they do, and work hard day-after-day to be the best career professionals they can be and portray morals rightfully and proudly as individuals, I thank you for representing women the way they should be – As True #Feminists and #Leaders. The World Would Be A Great Place If All Were As Such.

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