Personal Branding & Its Increasing Importance

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  1. Excellent points, Ian. Do you think that most people have the skills needed to properly manage their own personal brand? Personally, I think I’m getting more and more convinced that personal brand coaches are needed to help people get pointed in the right direction, and stay on track.

    I write a blog for my company about Personal Branding, and I’d love your thoughts on some of the ideas and thoughts we offer there — it’s located here:

    Thanks again for the great article! Jay

  2. Ian Moyse says:

    Jay thanks for the comment and I agree that most do not have the skills as neither did I. However it is not complicated to learn and take it a step at a time. I also agree there is a market for personal brand coaches or consultancy as I have already helped a few individuals and businesses in this direction. Not really telling them anything they could not figure out themselves, but more helping give them the shortcuts so they don’t have to ! ie spoonfeeding to get straight to the success plan – i was slow to pickup on some things through self learning and which tool to use, etc.

    I think there are many social trainers out there who don’t walk the walk, check their own brand profile, their Klout and Kred, their successes before spending any money is my advice.

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