CIO WaterCooler | Where IT Leaders Share Ideas, Learn and Meet - Part 2

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An Environmentally Friendly Digital Strategy Is A Win-Win for Your Business

We chatted with James Cannings, co-founder of MMT Digital and Chief Sustainability Officer at MSQ Partners, to talk about why businesses should be reducing their digital carbon footprints as part of their overall sustainability strategy, and why digital leaders play the key part in green digital transformation.  Lately, we...


IT Modernisation: The Best of Both Worlds

Harmonising Public and Private Cloud The trend for companies to move their critical business applications to the cloud continues to gather momentum and yet, many companies run workloads with characteristics which limit their ability...

Nearshoring Ukraine

Nearshore Development and Ukraine

Russia’s war on Ukraine, as well as causing the biggest European humanitarian crisis we have seen since World War II, has created a whole host of logistical and security concerns for organisations across the...

AI for Business

AI For Business

Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising revolutionary technologies on the market, but businesses must understand the risks and regulations in order to reap the rewards. This report explores the platforms and strategies...

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