CIO WaterCooler | Where IT Leaders Share Ideas - Part 185

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A CEO’s Guide to making IT Work!

  The ultimate goal of every CEO is to maximize on shareholders returns whilst fostering efficiency and business growth. It’s a tall order that requires a mix of business acumen, good leadership, subject matter...

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Microsoft Power BI

In one of our last posts, we talked about the advantages of choosing a cloud BI provider. But, with so many emerging solutions providers, how do you choose a qualified vendor that can meet your...

How CRM changed cloud and cloud changed CRM

By Ian Moyse Eurocloud UK Board Member & Cloud Industry Forum Governance Board Member CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the forerunners of cloud technologies and remains one of the great success stories...

Change Implementation Disillusion; or the Audacity of Change?

Here are a few golden points.

1 – It is never people that are disengaged but visions that are disengaging.
2 – Many highly competent change leaders perform less while implementing change due to high emotional stress and how the human brain functions. They need an outsider coach to perform best. It is scientifically proven.
3 – Matrix organization is economic but with low team spirit, it increases cost as it decreases production.
4 – Two top bottlenecks in change implementation in order of impact are 1: the leaders and 2: the team. Invest in them before the technology and methodology.

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