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Looking forward at IBM Connect 2016

IBM’s collaboration strategy gets an overhaul at its annual collaboration conference, IBM Connect, which once again took place in Orlando, Florida in 2016, although this time at a new venue...

MQTT and ISO: A Step in the Right Direction

“To flourish,the IoT needs a community focused on building with standards, not just end to end solutions. MQTT is a critical part of solving that equation and an exciting step forward.”

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity needs transformational leadership from women

Current cybersecurity concerns require more than controversial changes to encryption, corporate-government collaboration in Silicon Valley, and add-ons to omnibus legislation. Security and technology advancement require changes across our organizations, our leadership, and in the culture of tech work itself.

The biggest threat in cybersecurity is the human element. Behind every piece of data is a human actor, either friend or foe, which means that human nature and relationship-building should be the essential components of your security strategy.

Security threats facing us today require holistic, mature, transformational leadership from women.

#ChangeAgents, Experiments, & Expertise in Our Exponential Era

#ChangeAgents are leaders who “illuminate the way” and manage friction of stepping outside the status quo. Anyone can be a change agent, you do not have to wait to receive formal authority to do so. We need more people willing to step outside of expectations because our world is changing rapidly, in several cases exponentially, and if all we do is meet expectations and the status quo — we will fall behind as organizations, as teams, and as societies.

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