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An Intro to DC/OS on Azure, Epicenter | 10th Magnitude

In this Epicenter video, Ryan Lee, Cloud Consultant at 10th Magnitude, and contributor to the DC/OS project at Mesosphere, demos how to install DC/OS on Azure, how to get frameworks like Spark and Kafka up and running with a single command in the UI or CLI, and how easy it is to run containers at large scale

IoT: What we know so far

The promise of IoT insight changing the game in any market where physical assets can leave a digital footprint has created an instrumentation arms race – but what use is the data...

Conversations with a CIO – Delivering Value

“… seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.” Alfred Adler   Technology vs. Outcomes The difficulties faced by...

Business Continuity

Disastrous Business Continuity Planning

If you’ve handed the task of protecting your business from a DR event or incident to your head of IT, you’ve probably made a mistake. One that she or he won’t thank you for, and nor will the business.

Process Street: Workflow without workflow

When we started covering BPM and workflow technologies at the start of MWD Advisors in 2005, relatively expensive, heavyweight products were pretty much the only game in town if you...

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