Our next ‘Meet the Analyst’ Digital Boardroom is here…

Once a month, as part of our strategic partnership with Bloor Research (a leading European analysts firm) one of their experts generously gives up an hour of their time to host one of our Digital Boardrooms for our community.  For any who haven’t yet attended these a Digital Boardroom yet, they take the form of a virtual panel session / round table (online) for up to 12 senior IT and technology leaders.)

Our next ‘Meet the Analyst’ session is titled ‘Low-code and no-code: a new paradigm for software development’ and will be led by Daniel Howard, Senior Researcher and Analyst, taking place next Thursday the 20th of September at 4 pm (BST

Here’s a quick synopsis…

Low-code and no-code development products are designed to increase the speed and efficiency of application development by minimizing the amount of code that needs to be hand-written. In principle, this is achieved via large-scale code reuse, collaboration between developers and business users, and citizen development. The benefits are undeniable, but how can you take full advantage of them, and what are the pitfalls to watch out for?

This Digital Boardroom will begin with a brief presentation highlighting some key issues, trends and approaches within the low-code and no-code development space, before opening up to the floor for discussion. (these sessions last for approx. 45 min)

If you would like to participate and utilise this incredibly valuable resource you can register here:  https://ciowatercooler.co.uk/digital-boardrooms/

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday.


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