Steven Haines

I am energized when I think about business! I channel this enthusiasm and zeal in the work I do to motivate executives and business people to optimize their contributions to their companies. I relentlessly research goings-on in the business world and fine-tune my thinking about business best practices so that I can offer relevant, timely insights and guidance. With this, I've got a steady stream of information to incorporate in my speeches, writing, and interactions with my clients. My newest book is THE NEW MANAGER'S SURVIVAL GUIDE: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO SUCCEED IN THE CORPORATE WORLD. It's a great book for newer business people and those who want to improve their business acumen. It comes complete with an online survey found at -- If you're organizing a small get-together for your team, or a major event for your organization, talk to me about a customized speech. I don't deliver monologues - all of my presentations are interactive, lively, and fun! Send me an email! [email protected] MY BLOG POSTS ARE HERE >>>> <<<<​

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