Rorie Devine


Rorie Devine

Interim CTO


Interim CTO ¦ Author ¦ Growth Hacker

Rorie is the author of the Amazon #1 Information Technology Best Seller “The CTO ¦ CIO Bible” and is the only person to have featured on the cover of CIO Magazine twice, has been awarded “IT Leader Of The Year” by Computing Magazine and is featured in the book “How To Build a Billion Dollar App”​ saying that the change he brought when coming in as an Interim was “truly amazing”​ and “we started to feel we were firing on all cylinders”​.

Rorie was recently described as “one of the best business technologists in the country” but doesn’t take himself too seriously, understands that leadership is about change, and relishes the opportunity to increase revenue, evolve business models, remove structural constraints and/or improve efficiency.

Very much with a hands-on approach, Rorie derives accomplishment from the achievement of significantly improved business results.

Specialties: Growth hacking and bringing agility, focus, clarity, simplicity, reliability and urgency. Delivering high revenue growth, removing business constraints, and improving efficiency. Helping conceive and deliver ambitious change agendas.