Miha Ahronovitz


Miha Ahronovitz

Freelance blogger at Ericsson

Talk to me about evangelism, product definition for best User Experience (UX) in enterprises. I thrive in companies that can create disruptive concepts and business models while at the same time being able to build robust and scalable technical architectures.

I can help you build something truly unique. I could be your Creative Director/Business Manager who will take advantage of your talent and inventiveness . I can form a dynamic leadership together with the account management teams. I will also be actively involved in your sales and business development activities

I strive to make people feel good and I learn from everybody I meet . I observe workshops for opportunities. I will communicate.in a crystal clear way. I believe the wisest minds, know the limitations they have. The fools do not. One discovers more by being humble. Arrogance leads to nothing.