Michael Lehman, MBA, PCIP


Michael Lehman, MBA, PCIP

Senior Operations and Technology Executive - CIO-for-hire | Trusted Advisor | Strategic Planner


• Solid General Management Qualifications
• Integrated Operations, Finance & IT Leadership
• Extensive Retail and Franchise Operations Exposure in Executive Leadership Roles
• Deep Project Management Expertise
• Track record of driving multi-million dollar top-line improvements

I have been at the forefront of both operations and IT strategy for multiple companies, including a specialty retailer with hundreds of franchise outlets across the United States. By addressing market needs and executing strategic projects and global initiatives, my companies have achieved substantial growth through my leadership in technology infrastructure expansion, enabling strong and sustainable market penetration within highly competitive industries.

Over my career, I’ve built a reputation as a strategic and forward-thinking executive that aligns all functional areas of the business and delivers innovative technology solutions that have driven dramatic gains in revenue and overall business growth. Leading teams of over 50 employees and supporting multi-site operations for hundreds of retail locations, I have provided transformative leadership and led change management initiatives that positively impacted profitability.