Ian Calvert

I look at both the "Future" and "Future of Work" and to bring this to you and you company whilst at the same time as combining it with making sure you are implementing CSR's and SDG's. Whilst we all (and sometimes we don't know we are actually doing this) are talking bout CSR's and SDG's, w are really starting to implement them as part of our "Future of Work" strategy. The real question is....... Do you have a "Future of Work" strategy? If not - why? The "Future" is here now but are you ready for it and are you going to let your competitors seize the advantage by moving ahead of you?

Key Skills and Qualifications: My role as a Futurist has developed over a number of years working with Barclaycard, Huawei, IBM and Microsoft amongst many other established Technology Companies as well as Start-Up' too

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