Clinton Jones


Clinton Jones

VP of Product Engineering

Alex Solutions

torture the data and it will confess to anything

Internationally experienced full stack products manager currently working on interesting opportunities with a focus on data, data quality, data management, data governance & data movement.

A big areas of my focus is on the customer & business operations centred technology & business processes. I consider myself a process & technology professional with wide ranging integration experience who likes to also be an evangelist for a broad range of business operations improving initiatives.

I’ve previously engaged in roles involving Technical Account Management, Technical Partnership, Business Process Advocacy & various leadership & sponsorship roles in projects & operations transformation.

My efforts have helped in the discovery & understanding of some interesting challenges within key customers’ businesses that the solutions I have represented, are perhaps not addressing today but could be in the future.

I am experienced & familiar with articulating customer feedback & knowledge on product and features to internal stakeholders in order to help shape & define strategic technology & product direction for current and future state represented solutions.

I am a strong customer relationship skills advocate with a thorough knowledge of diverse technologies, platforms, & enterprise infrastructures. Proven experience managing external customer & internal stakeholder expectations, change requests, risks & issues.

Through my work effort, I provide technical expertise & guidance with an agile methodology based, customer-centric approach to the product development life cycle from requirements through design, implementation, & support. Assuring implementation of appropriate technology process & manpower in every stage.

Extensive experience relating to working with & managing disparate teams at the product conceptualization, development, & deployment stages, I have demonstrated an acumen for great interpersonal relations, & what I consider superior presentation skills.