Clinton Jones


Clinton Jones

Director of Product Management at


Internationally experienced finance and technology business process professional principally focused on process automation and optimization in the back office.

Most recently focused on the concept of ‘Lean Data Management’ and Integrating business technologies in the Enterprise with systems like SAP and Salesforce with quality as a key attribute.

I am always mindful of the fact that culture and individualism influences how people use technology – your implementation is only as good as the experience and knowledge of your consultant, your own well framed and reasoned requirements. Success is not guaranteed based on who you or your partners work for, it is based on individual, their commitment to your collective success and how their work practices are effectively underpinned by proven and robust processes, procedures and technologies.

Often I find myself in the role of an evangelist and an advocate of best practices in the implementation and use of various technologies for business operations and in particular process automation and making business processes simple, straightforward and transparent.

I am a broad brush techno-functional consultant on a variety of technologies and the concepts of quality management as they relate to data, process, people management, compliance and governance with varying degrees of depth in a variety of functional areas.