CIO WaterCooler Live 2023 – Manchester | CIO WaterCooler

CIO WaterCooler Live 2023 – Manchester

CIO WaterCooler Live

The Future of Leadership in the Digital Age

CIO WaterCooler Live - Manchester - will explore the evolving role of leaders in today's rapidly changing technological landscape. Topics will include the importance of agility, adaptability, and innovation in leadership and strategies for developing a strong leadership mindset that can guide organizations through technological disruption and transformation. 
Mike Hill. CDIO, Cabinet Office

Mike Hill, CDIO, Cabinet Office

Keynote Session: Developing a Leadership Mindset for Innovation

Learning how to cultivate a leadership mindset that prioritizes innovation and creativity, including practical strategies for embracing experimentation, taking risks, and learning from failure.


Alex Ayers, Director, Gamma Direct

Keynote Session: Co-Creating Epic CX-Lessons from 200 brands

In an era where 86% of organisations are gearing up to compete based on CX and undoubtedly leverage AI technology, we’re unveiling insights from our time with 200 brands to discover what epic CX is – with some surprising findings. Furthermore, we’re sharing how leaders like you are shaping the future of their customer experiences.

Co-create with us and access the learnings: What is Epic CX to you? What's the most important communications channel in the future? What are you doing right now to build a CX centre of excellence? And most importantly, do you know what your customer really wants?


Andy Callow, CDIO, Nottingham University Hospitals

Keynote Session: How not to suck in your first 100 days as a CIO

Starting well in a new role has been shown to be a strong indicator to long-term success in senior roles, but so many of us don’t do the necessary preparation to start a new role in a structured and intentional way. After some fairly hairy role starts, Andy Callow feels he’s made enough mistakes that others can learn from. Drawing on his Board-Level roles in the NHS and a brief stint as acting Group Chief Executive, he will share his thoughts on how to ensure that the progress during the first 100 days builds firm foundation for successful future years.


Noha Amin, Head of IT & Cyber Security

Keynote Session: Third-Party Ties: Navigating Security Challenges for Today's CIO

In the interconnected digital landscape, CIOs are increasingly relying on third-party vendors, partners, and service providers to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth. However, this expanded ecosystem brings with it a myriad of security challenges. This session delves deep into the complexities and risks associated with third-party relationships and offers actionable insights for CIOs to fortify their defenses.

CWL12 Speakers

Simon Nichols, Founder, Thrive Mental Health

Keynote Session: Neurodiversity, Mental Resilience and Leadership

Musk, Gates, Jobs, Branson, Sinek - What links these great leaders - Neurodiverse Differences. Thinking differently and building up mental resilience are two key factors to leadership success, but also how those carry on through everyday leadership. Simon will take us on his journey and explain why your brain is a leader's greatest tool.

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Jas Swali,   Intelligent Automation Manager, Ciklum

Keynote Session: Navigating AI in leadership roles

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the world around us, and businesses are increasingly looking to AI to gain a competitive edge. Leaders play a critical role in navigating the complexities of AI and ensuring that it is implemented in a way that is both beneficial and ethical. In this session we'll explore:

- How leadership can sustainably drive AI adoption and implementation cross-functionally
- The importance of cultivating an environment where AI is embraced as an opportunity not a threat
- AI developments on the horizon and how to stay on the front foot


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The quality of the speakers and content really stood out for me and marked the event in a different league to other events. Looking forward to the next one already.

CIO - Financial Services

Really enjoyed the event and have made some interesting contacts.Looking forward to the next event already. Thank you

Paul D - Director Global Systems Intrastructure - PlayStation


Manchester Hall, Bridge Street, Manchester


22nd November 2023

Arrival from: 8.30 am

Opening Session: 9.30 am

Final Session Ends: 4.30 pm

Followed by Networking and Drinks