Lost in Translation: Why EA Teams Must Speak the Language of Business

Lost in Translation: Why EA Teams Must Speak the Language of Business


Sometimes, perception is reality. Consider your Enterprise Architecture (EA) team – respected for their technical savvy, the EA team makes sure IT systems run smoothly so the business can rapidly implement new strategies.

EA teams play a critical role in achieving alignment between technology and the business. Yet, too often, there is an awareness gap that keeps the EA team from their full potential.

According to a recent IDG survey, EA teams evaluate emerging trends from a technology standpoint, not a business perspective. The good news is four out of five IT decision-makers believe their EA team is completely capable of delivering valuable technical subject matter expertise and strategic thinking.

So, how can EA teams prove their business savvy and get a seat at the table? The trick having business-centric conversations about technology.

Here are some interesting statistics from the IDG QuickPulse that clearly indicate there is a gap in perception.

  • 56% of senior leadership view the EA team as critical to strategy development – yet 58% of sales managers and 61% of marketing managers are unaware of their role
  • EA is viewed as less important in areas that are tied closely to business performance, such as increasing competitive agility, managing risk, and bolstering company growth
  • Many EA teams lag in competencies critical for business transformation, such as making business model changes and improving business processes

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