Jive revamps offerings and pricing; announces 2015 numbers

Jive revamps offerings and pricing; announces 2015 numbers

It’s been a busy few weeks for Jive watchers, with the introduction of a new set of targeted packaged offerings, new pricing for Jive-n, the latest updates to the core Jive-n and Jive-x products, and the company’s latest earnings release. Lots to digest, but let’s start with the three new packaged offerings.

New packaged offerings announced

In an industry where the proposition is too often focused on features and functions, Jive has always recognised the importance of use case-based selling. However, in this latest move it’s taking things one step further, creating clearly-articulated packaged offerings which target a specific use case for a specific buyer. The three initial offerings address three very different opportunities:

  • Jive for Healthcare Collaboration takes a vertical industry perspective, building on Jive’s experience with existing Healthcare customers such as MD Anderson and Trinity Health to support care coordination and clinical productivity;
  • Jive for Employee Engagement takes a line-of-business-focused approach, targeting HR professionals for an internal collaboration solution, based on Jive-n;
  • Jive for Customer Engagement again addresses a specific line-of-business, this time targeting Marketing needs to improve customer relationships and speed up buying decisions through a Jive-x-based solution.

New cloud pricing

In parallel with this announcement, Jive has also overhauled its cloud pricing for Jive-n, bringing greater transparency and introducing packaged bundles; pre-defined bundles are already in place for the first two of the packaged offerings above. I think this more open approach is positive; Jive is often cited as being expensive, so this should help to bring greater clarity for customers and prospects and make it easier to assess value for money. The new Jive-n list pricing ranges from $5 to $16 per user per month. I understand that new Jive-x pricing is also coming soon.

16.1 release of Jive-n and Jive-x

Jive also announced the latest updates to its two major products, Jive-n and Jive-x. For Jive-n, the update focused primarily on its integration with the Jive-w mobile apps, and more specifically, Jive Daily, which is now the “flagship mobile app for Jive-n cloud”. Previously focused on the consumption of news, Jive Daily now allows for greater contribution to conversations, as well as full search capabilities, and access to the Jive inbox. It’s still mainly designed for phone users rather than tablet users, with the understanding that more active participants would probably use it in conjunction with their desktop UI. Other enhancements in the 16.1 release include improvements to the standard web UI, borrowing from the mobile experience in areas such as more visual blog presentation.

In Jive-x, the latest version introduced integration with ServiceNow’s ticketing system, as well as enhancements to SEO, and integration with translation services including Google Translate, Microsoft Translator and Lionbridge. In the coming weeks, I’ll be publishing a more in-depth analysis of Jive’s externally-facing communities solutions, so stay tuned.

2015 financials: growth, but not huge growth

Last week, Jive shared its end-of-year financials for 2015, revealing 10% Y-o-Y revenue growth to $195.8m, and a 37% drop in the company’s net loss to $34.9m. Though its revenue growth is positive,  the rate of growth continues to slow – it was 28% in 2013 and 22% in 2014 – and the company is still some way away from profitability. There’s a lot of pressure on Jive to do well as a publicly company – it’s still the only pure play social collaboration vendor to have achieved an IPO – but the strategic moves that the company has made over the last couple of years haven’t yet translated into the accelerated growth that was once anticipated. Jive remains a great acquisition opportunity for the right buyer; it’s just not clear who the right buyer would be.

Next month I’ll be attending Jive’s (almost) annual customer conference, JiveWorld, and afterwards I intend to publish a full analysis of Jive’s strategy, so – once again – stay tuned!

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